Monday 5/18/2020
Zoom at Noon

Hi everyone,

We will have a Zoom at noon tomorrow to clarify questions on grades. I also have to talk to the kids who need to do the AP Exam make-up. Something new has come up and I need to share with you in the latter part of the meeting. Please check your school email for the Zoom invite.

Good night.

Sunday 5/17/2020
No Zoom tomorrow.

We will not have a Zoom tomorrow. I will plan for one on Tuesday instead. I will send the invite on the school email tomorrow. Good night.

Thursday 5/14/2020
AP Exam Make-up /Country Project

1. Please make sure that you have informed me if you could not submit your asnswers for the exam and require a make-up. You have till today by 3 pm to request for a makeup at and make sure you keep me in the loop. Thanks. I want to be there to help you.

2. Country Project - is due Mon May 18th. You will share it with me on Office 365. If you have done a poster/ brochure/stamps/educational activity etc - take a picture and embed on one of your slides. If you did the extra credit (ESRI or GIS), include the link in your slides. If you did yours on a Prezi, then email me the link.

3. Your grade for the quarter will be done on Thursday May 21st. 

I will be busy doing grades. So please email me of you have any questions. Take care. 

Tuesday 5/12/2020
Quick Zoom tomorrow at noon

I have sent an invite on the school email for a quick Zoom tomorrow at 12 noon. I want to ask you about the exam you took today and quickly reiterate my expectations of the Country Project. I still have kids asking me about presentations. They are obviously not paying attention to what we have discussed. So let's clear that. Thanks guys for finishing the race! I am so proud of you. You should too! Good night. Sleep well.

Monday 5/11/2020
Zoom tomorrow at Noon

Dear parents and students,

1. Please make sure you got your eticket. Otherwise email me.

2. If you are planning to write and using the phone/tablet to take a picture and submit, you have to use jpg, jpeg or png formats. Otherwise you will not be able to submit. Change the photo type from HEIC to JPG. The iPhone HEIC files will not upload.

3. Absolutely no cheating. You cannot use the internet nor liaise with anyone (no friend, siblings, parents, no one!) You do not want to risk your academic career. It is not worth it. Do not forget that I will be getting all your papers after the exam and it will send a red flag to me. I have know you and your work all year.

4. The  scale and scale of analysis is important and will be on the exam. We discussed it at the review on Saturday and I will clarify again on Zoom tomorrow. 

5. You have to be at the exam at 3:30 pm. You will need to complete some personal and security questions before the start of the exam at 4 pm sharp.

Good luck. Sleep well.


Sunday 5/10/2020
No Zoom tomorrow. Tuesday instead

We will not have a Zoom tomorrow but will Zoom all classes at the same time on Tuesday instead. I will send the invite and will try to get a late morning time slot. I have to  go to school tomorrow to close up the classroom. Please check your my AP classroom to see if you got your eticket. This ticket is yours. You cannot forward it to any other email. It will send a red flag to College Board.

By now, you should have decided the quiet place in your house where you are going to sit for the exam. Please print the checklist and go through. Gather your materials/notes/papers if you choosing to write and pens/pencil etc. Do another demo again tomorrow. Have your AP ID ready. You wll need to write that and your name initials on the top of the paper. 

Please email me if you have any questions. Good night.

Saturday 5/9/2020
Sorry I had the wrong date. It is fixed.

AP Review is in 15 minutes. I have now sent the correct date/time/ID and password. Check your school email. Thanks.

Friday 5/8/2020
Please complete the review assigned on Blackboard

Dear parents and students,

1. Please complete the AP Review on Blackboard this week. There is an AP Practice exam that you can take which is Friday's HW. It is good practice as far as timing is concerned.

2. AP Review Zoom over Coffee at 5 pm tomorrow (Sat 5/9)

3. I am missing a class textbook #1 and the AMSCO book #17. Please check to see if you took it by mistake and return to me. You will need to follow the social distancing protocol and have been assigned a day regarding coming to school to drop-off and pick-up stuff. Just put it in a bag and label it with subject and teacher's name. I would appreciate it. Otherwise it is more than $200 out of my pocket. Thanks.

4. Please make sure you do the demo so you are very comfortable on whether your browser works etc. Also practice having a document opened simultaneously so you can type your answers. (if you are typing) And then practice the preferred way of submission - either copy/paste or attach the document. If you are writing, then practice having your browser opened on a smart phone/tablet and then have paper and black/blue pen/ #2 pencil ready. Write and then practice taking a photo and upload on browser. Do not ever close browser, refresh or click back arrow. It will close you out. Then you will need to sign in with the e-ticket again. You do not want to lose precious time. 

Take a deep breath. You can do it. And Moms - Wishing You Happy Mothers' Day:-)

Thank you moms for helping out with this challenge of remote learning. I wouldn't know what I would do without your help:-)

(Dads too;-)

Wednesday 5/6/2020
AP Review Zoom with Coffee

Dear students,

Please read your school email. I have scheduled an AP Review as well on Sat at 5 pm for any specific questions. I have sent the invite. There is also some other information too.

Good night.

Tuesday 5/5/2020
Please do the Exam Demo by Wednesday 5/6

Dear parents and students,

1. Please practice the Exam Demo at which confirms that your device and browser will be able to access the exam.

2. Locate your 8-character AP ID. (It is found in your myAP  account.)

3. Your exam starts at 3:30 pm on Tuesday May 12th

4. A timed-exam has been scheduled for your Friday's HW. It is super important. Treat it like a mock exam. Access the Blackboard and please show your parents so they know what's going on.

5. Remember this exam you are on your own on the day of. I will not be there. Do not even try to Google Voice me. The school will not be there. So you absolutely need to practice. The video - 5 Steps Before Exam Day is good.

Good night.


Sunday 5/3/2020
AP Exam attachments & Zoom on Monday

Dear parents and students,

Please find attached the important information on taking the AP Human Geography Exam on May 12th. It is very important to read and familiarize yourself with what you have to prepare for the exam and how to take it. I will not be there. The school will not be there. So you have to rehearse and ready yourself.

I have also sent an email to your school email for the Zoom invite for tomorrow  morning. 

Good night.

Downloads: ap-testing-guide-2020.pdf | ap-student-exam-day-checklist.pdf
Friday 5/1/2020
Zoom Meeting on Monday

There will be an important Zoom meeting on Monday to provide you a step-by-step guide on what to do to prepare for the exam on May 12th based on the webinar I attended two days ago. Please check your school email this weekend for the Zoom invite.

Good night.

Thursday 4/30/2020
Important AP Videos on You Tube for May 12th Exam

These videos are useful to prepare you for the upcoming AP exam on May 12th. Please watch it.

1. AP 2020 Exam Walkthrough -

2. AP 2020 Exams How to Prep -

3. AP 2020 Exams The Rules -

Tuesday 4/28/2020
AP Study Guide

Dear students,

Sorry I was so crazy busy all day yesterday with Zoom meetings, Google calls, putting out fires, going after my MIA kids etc, that I worked from 9 am -11 pm and clean forgot to post an update yesterday. Here it is:

1. AP Study Guide - I have attached an AP Study guide on the school email I sent that you may find handy. Also there is Youtube channel by an AP HUman Geo teacher called Mr. Sinn and he has pretty good Review videos.

2. Work for the week has been posted on Blackboard.

3. I will be attending a webinar this week on the details on how to take the AP Exam. So this Monday's Zoom will be mandatory as I will share important details.

Good night. 


Sunday 4/26/2020
Zoom meeting tomorrow

There will be a Zoom meeting tomorrow to discuss the following:

1. Plan for the week

2. AP Study Guide

3. Last day of school

4. 4th Quarter Grade

Please attend the meeting. I am sending the invite on your school email. Good night.

Thursday 4/23/2020
Touch base

HW for tomorrow has been posted. The Unit 2 FRQ will be available at 7:30 am. It is a timed  assessement of 25 minutes to give you practice for the real thing. Also if you are having issues with confirming your AP Exam on your College Board email, you have to contact me! It's important. Take care.

Good night.

Wednesday 4/22/2020
AP Email & Class Elections

Hi guys,

I was so exhausted with emails, grading, lesson prep that I clean forget to say goodnight last night. Anyway I wanted to update you on two important things:

1. Read your school emails  - I sent one yesterday  to make sure that you are receiving emails from College Board. This is important because you will receive your electronic ticket for your exam on May 12th on that email. You will need to confirm your exam (yellow button.

2. Class elections will be held virtually this year. I have attached the two PDFs- one is flier for information and the other is the application. They are due on April 26th and are to be emailed to Mrs. Tara Spielman. I will also sent this information on your school email.

3. Work for today and tomorrow are on Blackboard. 

Take care.

Downloads: election announcement.pdf | class officer application 20202021 fillable.pdf
Monday 4/20/2020
4th Quarter Grade

1. 4th quarter grade - as explained is based on 3 criteria:

a. Communication - attending Zoom meetings, reading and responding to your school email; checking the website and Blackboard 

b. Completing and submitting quality assignments in a timely way 

c. Mastery of the AP Human Geography material 

2. AP Review - has started from today. See assignments on Blackboard under the AP Review tab.

Good night.

Sunday 4/19/2020
Please Check School Email on Sunday Evening

Please read your school email regarding Zoom meeting tomorrow. 

Friday 4/17/2020
Mandatory Zoom Meeting on Monday

Dear students,

1. AP Exam update - there is a mandatory meeting on Mon 4/20. I will send the invite on Sunday evening on your school email. Please check it. It will start with Period 1 at 9:30 am and so forth. Please set your alarm clocks and wake up. This is not spring break! School is in session! (I am only referring to the handful)

2. 4th Quarter grades - I will also explain how 4th quarter grades will be computed. 

Have a good weekend.

Thursday 4/16/2020

Dear students,

Recess tomorrow:-) I did not give any work. It is time to chill and just do what you enjoy - watch a documentary on Netflix or play Scrabble or try out a new recipe. I know I am going to learn some cool recipes from tomorrow's Zoom sessions!

Good night.

Wednesday 4/15/2020
Some updates/reminders

Hi guys,

1.Sorry I am sending this late. I had an AP College Board webinar at 8:15 pm amd it went on for an hour. I have important updates that I will share on Monday's mandatory Zoom meeting. 

2. I could not send the invite for Friday's Zoom today because I am waiting on Period 5 to volunteer to do the 15-minute cooking session. I already have for Periods 1 through 4. Otherwise, I will only Zoom with Periods 1-4 on Friday and we will have fun. Check your school email. I will send it to you by noon on Thursday 4/16.

3. Reminder - tomorrow is the webinar for parents for information on the exam. 

Good night.


Tuesday 4/14/2020
Check School email tomorrow for Zoom invite

Hi students,

1.Check your school email tomorrow for Zoom invite to Friday's cooking session. I am excited. Finally something fun:-)

2. I am just chugging along grading and you must be chugging along doing the assignments on Blackboard.

Good night.

Monday 4/13/2020
AP Webinar for Parents on 4/16

Dear parents,

There is an AP Webinar on Thursday April 16th for you to help your child prepare for the AP exam which will be taken at home. You should have received the email for the invite. You will need to register for it. Please do so as it will be helpful. A recording of the event will be emailed to you if you can't. My students asked me to send a link but I can't. The link has been sent specifically to parents. Thanks.

Students, I have posted tomorrow's work on Blackboard already.

Good night.

Thursday 4/9/2020
Please Check School Email on Sunday Evening

Hi guys,

1. Zoom Meeting - on Monday morning by Period. Period 1 will start at 9:30 am and then Period 2 at 10 am and so on. Look out for the school email on Sunday evening where I will send the invite with ID number and password. I will be giving feedback on the AP Video question I am grading and also how I plan to proceed with reviewing for the AP Exam. It will be open to any questions or concerns you have too. Please understand that you can reach out to me individually too via Google Voice or Email.

2. Communication - you all have been pretty good with checking school email, teacher website and Blackboard. Continue with what you have been doing:-)

This has been a somber week with religious holidays and a time for reflection. I wish you well. Take care of yourselves and each other.


Wednesday 4/8/2020
Hello and Hi

Hi students. Nothing new to say. We will not have a zoom meeting tomorrow. I want you to finish your assignments for the week and I am busy grading your assignments. I have also provided AMSCO access to all of you so you can start reviewing for your AP exam when you find time after completing the assignments. Good night.

Tuesday 4/7/2020
AMSCO Access

Important - Please check your school email to access the AMSCO book online so you can use it to review for the AP Exam. I hope you have had a fruitful day completing your work. Good night.

Monday 4/6/2020
Work for this week posted on Blackboard

1. Work for this week has been posted on Blacboard. So please complete by due date. You do not want to lose points for not submitting your work. Try and pace yourselves. Remember establishing a routine is important if you want to be successful in life. Create good habits.

2. AP Exam update -

Please read through carefully as it outlines everything that I talked about at today's Zoom meeting. Mark it on your calendar that your exam is on May 12th at 4 pm. 

Good night.


Sunday 4/5/2020
Read School email

Hope your weekend has been good.

1. I have sent an email to your school email. Please read it. It provides details on tomorrow's meeting and updates on the AP Exam which is scheduled for May 12th.

2. Please make sure you finish your work by tonight. You have been given ample time to complete it.


Friday 4/3/2020

We made it through this week! What a week this has been trying to figure out the best form of communication and learning platform. Hopefully we will establish a routine for remote learning.

1. Structure and routine- A structure for your day is important. Spring break is over! Let's face it. You are back in school although it is virtual. Getting up in the morning, taking a shower and having breakfast and sitting down to start school by 9 am is what you should strive for. Be organized in your time management and complete assignments on time and communicate with your teacher. Establishing a routine daily is important to be successful. It is a lifelong skill.

2. AP exam updates will communicated on Monday. I would like you to read your school email on Sunday evening because I will be scheduling Zoom meetings by Period.

3. Finally - finish your HW so you can relax over the weekend.

Thursday 4/2/2020
Blackboard Update

Okay, looks like I like the Blackboard platform for me to post assignments and for you to submit your assignments. As the days progress, hopefully I can practice and use the other features too. 

1. Submit your answers to the AP Video 6.1 and 6.2 on Blackboard. All your work from yesterday, today and tomorrow is due Sunday night April 5th at 11 pm. 

2. I will have a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 9 am. This is to get feedback on Blackboard and any questions you might have. I know that some of you have concerns about other Zoom meetings scheduled at the same time. From next week, teachers will access a calendar to schedule their Zoom meetings so there will be no clash. I have outlined the rules for Zoom in your email. Please adhere to them.

That is all for tonight. Take care.

Wednesday 4/1/2020
Blackboard Trial

Whew! What a day! I am glad I met a number of you on Zoom today although it was chaotic. It was funny because I was waiting in another "waiting room" for almost 8 minutes and you all were in another "waiting room" :-) I told you we are all experiencing a huge learning curve as we transition into online learning. 

1. I am trying out Backboard and I have posted the work for today and tomorrow there. I want you to do me a favor and sign in to Blackboard. Then give me feedback tomorrow. I seem to like the streamlined approach it has and you can upload your completed HW to me via Blackboard. 

2. I have scheduled a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 9 am especially for those  I didn't get to meet today. The ID and password is on the school email I sent. I could not schedule one for 10 am because I have a faculty meeting. 

3. HW for today has been emailed to you via the school email. I will be providing details on due dates in a day or two. 

Remember your mantra is COMMUNICATION WITH ME. Good night!

Tuesday 3/31/2020
Instructional Continuity Plan

As our District starts to unfold the plan for us to continue instruction remotely, we found out yesterday that we will be learning remotely for the whole month of  April. So the key issue is to take responsibility via communication.

1. I have emailed each one of you through your school email. I am sorry that I could not use your personal email as we need to make this official. Please read it carefully. I will expect you to keep accessing the teacher website for lessons and instructions. We are definitely going to use the AP classroom and the etextbook. 

2. We will also start trying to use Zoom to have an interactive session. Tomorrow we will have the first meeting and this meeting is really a meet-and greet. I know some of you have other teachers scheduled. That is okay. Join when you can since we will be having the meeting for an hour. The details to join the Zoom with the ID number and password is on your school email which you should have received. I know also that some of you have to go at 11 am to school to pick up stuff from your lockers.

3. Please also complete the Microsoft form. You have till Thursday noon to submit. This is for the administration to keep a record. So please do it asap.

4. I hope you watched yesterday's lesson. The following are the questions that were posted. I am sorry I am posting so late because I have had two insane days since yesterday. 

A. Explain how the relocation of the headquarters of a transnational corporation into a deindustrialized area of a city alter the human and cultural landscape.

B. Describe how urban gardening and farmer's markets can positively influence the health of the local residents and the economy of the area.

C. Explain how urban renewal and gentrification influence the cultural landscape of the community.

5. Today, the lesson which starts at 5 pm is on Challenges of Urban Sustainability. If you cannot watch the lesson when it is aired, you can always watch it later since these lessons are archived. Today's lesson will wrap up Urban Geography and tomorrow the AP lesson will move on to Development and Industry.

Take a deep breathe. Exhale. We are all in this together. I look forward to seeing your faces tomorrow:-)

Monday 3/30/2020
Communication is important

1. Today teachers are doing some trainings in communication. I have created a list of emails using your school email by periods. I decided that school email is the best since it is official. I will be sending information directly to your email, so be on the look out for that. It is absolutely important to be in touch with me.  I have registered for Google Voice and will be emailing you my number to call if you have questions on assignments. Finally I have also registered with Zoom so we can do video conferencing. It has been and still is a huge learning curve for us so we will take everything one day at a time:-)

2. I hope you have watched the video by College Board on Cities and Globalization. These are all very important and useful videos to watch. I would also like you to answer the following AP Practice Questions that the teacher posted:

A. Describe how globalization changes traditional cultures.

B. Explain how global trade networks have shifted agriculture to extensive commercial operatons.

C. Explain how global cities attract more international migrants than smaller places.

D. Compare the impact of global trade  networks on the labor market.

One of the over-arching themes of the APHUG course is globalization and it is important to connect all the Units that you have learned to globalization.

3. Today at 5 pm, there will be another lesson Challenges of Urban Changes. Please watch it. The first part the teacher will go through the answers to the questions. If you can't at the time it is aired, you can watch it later because these videos are archived. 

Take care. 

Friday 3/27/2020
Important - Need your email

1. We have come to the end of the 'extended spring break.' As the school gears to train teachers on a common learning platform, I will definitely need your email. So please email me at from an email that you can be contacted. I only want one email per student. I will streamline them according to Periods so when I am ready to start using a learning platform, I can conduct the classes in an efficient and systematic way. Understand too that this is all new for me so we are all going to make mistakes and we will resolve glitches along the way. With that said, please email me.

2. I have some good news. AMSCO, the blue book review that I use in class, has allowed us e-access. I have already sent a request to the company and within a couple of days, I will provide you the digital access to the book so you can review Units 1-5. Yay!

3. I hope you finished answering the AP questions. The answers were addressed at the beginning segment of the video. I am going to provide the next set of questions that the teacher gave:

A. Identify the relationship between population and the growth of megacities in less developed countries.

B. Explain how cultural enclaves develop in edge cities and suburbs.

C. Explain why urban areas in nations on the periphery are growing at rapid rates.

D. Describe how urbanization can impact a country's transition to stage 3 or 4 of the demographic transition model.

Answer these questions. In all probability, they will be answered in the beginning segment of today's video.

4. Watch the video lesson today at 5 pm on Cities and Globalization. If you cannot watch it at the time it is aired, you can watch it later since these videos are archived. 

5. Also a reminder - please read Ch 13. I have assigned Modules 1 and 2. 

We made it through another week. Stay safe and sane:-) Take care. 

Thursday 3/26/2020
Questions about the AP Exam

Hi guys. I just wanted to clarify questions you may have about what you are being tested for the AP Exam. 

1. The exam will cover basically Chapters 1 through 10. We have already covered 90% of the material. We just need to complete Ch 9 on Development since there are some parts that relate to the primary sector which is on Agriculture. When we officially start school, I will be teaching that. 

Go to this link for updates.

2. To make sure that you learned the AP Human Geography course, College Board expects us to cover Units 6  (Urban Geography) and Unit 7 (Industry).  I would like you to watch the videos that are posted on Unit 6 this week.

3. Yesterday, the video covered material on Origins  and  Influence of Urbanization. She posted a very good AP Practice that I would like you to do. These questions are important as you can see how they are related to Units 1-5 which which will be in your AP Exam. Type your answers on a word document and save it. Once school starts, I will have an idea of the platform to use and we can go from there.

A. Identify what types of governement services need to be provided in a city with an increasing old-age dependency ratio.

B. Identify how urbanization changes traditional cultural practices.

C. Describe the relationship of market gardening to large urban areas.

D. Describe one positive and one negative effect of rural to urban migration.

E. Explain why the site ans situation of a place influences its role in a globalized world.

4. Reminder - please watch today's video which will air at 5 pm and it is on Cities Across the World. Again, if you cannot watch at the broadcast time, you can later because it will be archived.

Please take care of your yourself and keep your thoughts in a good place - positive and hopeful. Miss you all.


Wednesday 3/25/2020
Questions on World Fair

1. I had some students email me regarding World Fair Day. I don't have the answer. One thing is for sure - the work you have done will not be in vain. Once start dates for school becomes clear, I will work with Mrs. Spielman on having an alternative date. If we cannot present on the quad so as to keep crowds small, then we can have the presentation in class. We will find an alternative plan. 

2. You must have read the information on the College Board by now. The AP Exam will be a shortened version of 45 minutes with only the writing portion (FRQ) being tested and it is based on Units 1-5. Students will be provided two testing dates to choose from to take the exam. More information will be available on April 3rd.

3. Reminder - please watch the first live lesson today at 5 pm on the Origin and Influences of Urbanization. If you cannot watch at 5 pm, these sessions will be archived for you to watch later.

4. I plan to cover Units 6 and 7 for the next 2 weeks or so.  We are already halfway through Unit 6. Then we will start reviewing for the AP exam. 

There are still many unanswered questions and this is to be expected since we are navigating unchartered waters. Be patient. Everything will get resolved in due time.

Tuesday 3/24/2020
AP College Board Update

Hi guys. Hope all is well. I just wanted to share an update from the College Board. This is the link. Please read carefully so you are informed about what is going on.

1. Please read the link below as it pertains to you and gives you information about your exam.

2. The following is a schedule of lessons taught by an AP teacher. Please watch as it directly correlates to Unit 6. The nice thing is if you cannot watch it when it is aired, you can watch it later. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 5−5:45 p.m. ET 6.1 The Origin and Influence of Urbanization
Thursday, March 26, 2020 5−5:45 p.m. ET

6.2 Cities Across the World 

Friday, March 27, 2020 5−5:45 p.m. ET 6.3 Cities and Globalization


Monday 3/23/2020
Reading Assignment - Ch 13 Urban Patterns

1. I have posted the assignment for Ch 13 on Urban Patterns on your ebook website. Read the chapter and complete the Dynamic Study Modules 1 and 2 on Ch 13. They are not due now since we are off this week.  It is for you if you want to do something.  Check my website regularly. I will be providing details on communication as the week unfolds. Please inform friends and classmates. Thank you. 

2. Some good tips for remote learning when we start. Have a routine. Wake up early as if you are going to school and be ready in front of your laptop or tablet to start school at 8 am. Hopefully you would have showered and had breakfast to start the day:-)

3. Most important of all is to relax and not be anxious. We are all in this together and we will make it through the quarter. 


Sunday 3/22/2020
Important Message

Dear parents and students,

It feels strange not being in school. However, we have to make the best of the situation and move forward. I hope all of you are keeping yourselves safe and healthy. I will communicate this way for the time being until more information becomes available of what learning platform we will be using. You have already received messages from Dr Covert and the School District that school is closed till April 15th.

To be productive these three weeks and move forward with some learning, I will be posting some assignments that you can do from home. So please spread the word to your classmates to check on my website under this tab which is called Remote Learning. I miss you all very much and look forward to meeting you face-to-face soon:-)


Ms Jagdish